The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Product Information
Package Sizes   Analysis
240g 900g 2.4kg 5kg   N-5.5@P-6.5@K-3.5

Suitable for roses, lawns, flowering plants, trees, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, ornamental foliage plants, etc.

Product Features
Suitable for all types of plants
A balanced combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in Biogold Original will provide everything your plants needs for healthy, vigorous growth. There will be no need to supplement with other fertilizers.
You will soon notice a significant improvement in growth rate and flower quality.
Biogold Original is manufactured by our patented slow fermentation and bacteriological process.
It contains a full range of nutrients and trace elements that include calcium, magnesium, natural vitamins and other minerals, which will significantly improve growth.
Its 100 natural organic ingredients help make it kinder to the environment
Non-toxic and harmless to pets
Clean to use and does not attract insects, slugs or snails.
Any slight initial odor will soon disappear after the first watering.@
Its fully organic ingredients release nutrients slowly so there is little risk of over feeding.
Easy to use

How to Use
  Directions for Use
Place directly on to the soil surface of the pot
STEP 1 Whether growing plants in the ground or containers simply place Biogold Original pellets on to the soil surface around the root area. There is little risk of root damage by over feeding because Biogoldfs organic ingredients break down naturally and release nutrient slowly.
STEP 2 There will be a slow continuous release of all nutrients over a period of 45-50 days. When these spent pellets have disappeared simply renew Biogold to begin feeding again.
To use as a liquid feed
[Biogold liquid feed is very effective on Cactus and Saintpaulia, too.[
STEP 1 Dilute some pieces in water
(about 2-3pellets/1ltr).

For best results, let the pellets dissolve in water for about week. This method will provide a more effective release of nutrients.
notice If using as a liquid feed it is better to use the liquid within a month to make the most of the nutrient rich solution.
point You can gauge a nutrient deficiency from leaf color.
A lighter green or yellowing means a little more Biogold is needed. If you have fed too much Biogold then leaves will become harder and greener. Seek to achieve lush, turgid foliage with a vivid green color. Learning to observe your plants will help you fine-tune your use of Biogold.



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