The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Product Information
Package Sizes   Analysis
¡500g ¡1.5kg     N-5 P-8 K-5

¡Super Biogold is suitable for all types of orchids both epiphytes and terrestrial.

Product Features
¡You will soon notice a significant increase in bud quantity and flower quality.
based on Biogold Original

Super Biogold has been enriched with pyro-ligneous acid from charcoal, chitosan*, minerals and natural vitamins. This combination of these fully organic ingredients will promote a healthier root system and also encourage more vigorous growth.

*Chitosan is an important active ingredient included in Super Biogold. It is a linear polysaccharide which is a substance derived from the shells of crustaceans. It is widely recognised as a growth enhancer and also improves a plants ability to defend against fungal infections.

It will encourage the plants growing tips to grow away strongly and because it has been manufactured from entirely organic materials, plants will absorb the nutrients through their root system quickly and naturally. The results will be a noticeable improvement in flower color and foliage.
Its 100% natural ingredients help make it kinder to the environment.

¡None toxic and harmless to you and pets
Easy and clean to use, it does not attract insects, slug and snails, and no mould.
Any slight initial odor will soon disappear after the first watering.

How to Use
  Directions for Use
¡As a top dressing
STEP 1 Just place Super Biogold pellets on to the soil surface around the root area.
As cymbidiums are heavy feeders it is safe to fertilize plentifully. Adjust the application to match the season, growth rate and flowering response.
STEP 2 Fertilizer may be replaced when the pellets have disappeared usually after about 2 months.
¡To use as a liquid feed
STEP 1 Dilute a piece in water (1 pellet/1litre)
For the best results, let the pellets dissolve in water for about week. This method will provide a more effective release of nutrients.
notice If using as a liquid feed it is better to use the liquid within a month to make the most of the nutrient rich solution.
point Biogold liquid feed is very effective to use as a foliage feed because the orchids uptake nutrients from their leaves as well.



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