The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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What is Biogold?
Biogold is no ordinary fertilizer
For many years these beneficial qualities have been widely recognized by both professional and amateur growers throughout the world. It is one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back for more.

We would like to explain why this is and why we have had so many compliments from places as diverse as Europe, America and Asia.

Biogold began its history by developing a stimulant liquid and solid to help save some old weakened and dying pine trees in a famous park in Japan. Straight away it was thought that the most important objective was to save the trees roots first. So Biogold set out to produce a growth stimulant that would not only refresh the bio-organisms in the soil but also trigger new growth within the weakened root ball. Everyone really thought that it was too late and that the trees were too weak and old to save. However, the weakened trees recovered strongly much to the surprise of the arboriculturists who were amazed at the rejuvenating effects the liquid stimulant had on the trees.

Encouraged by this success, the Biogold product range was extended to meet the nutrient requirements of a series of carefully chosen groups of plants. We have now been able to use knowledge accrued from over 20 years professional growing experience to bring you a wide selection of merchandise to suit a variety of situations.

The Biogold Company has arrived at this fortunate position through the assistance and cooperation of many specialists who have experience in agriculture, horticulture, green keeping and other areas of proficiency within the growing industry. With their expertise and after many trials we were able to develop exactly the right model to allow us to state with confidence that our products work well and provide noticeable results. Throughout these trials, each Biogold product consistently showed measurable results. These results are now both widely recognized and have earned us a high reputation within the market.

Even though Biogold products were originally developed with professional growers in mind we are pleased to offer them for use in the home and garden. The Biogold range is now supplied in our convenient, resealable packaging to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

Once tried, we are convinced that you will be delighted with the results and you will quickly realize that Biogold can enhance your enjoyment of your favorite plants.



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